At the Quarter Pole

If you’ve ever listened to or watched a horse race, you’ve perhaps heard an announcer say, “As they round the quarter pole,” as the race progresses past It’s first one-quarter of a mile in that event. The comment is typically followed by a brief description of the horse in the lead and what that might suggest for the remainder of the race. Well, for 2021, ATD Dallas has just past the quarter pole on this calendar year – a year where it appears we will outrun the pandemic that created such distress and turmoil this past year, and after surviving Snowvid as well in February.

First, as we round the 2021 quarter pole, I want to thank each of you for continuing to be part of the ATD Dallas community. We have learned a great deal together over the past 15 months.

Second, welcome to 28 new members since the first of the year. Please join me in welcoming them:

Wendy Abruzzini          George Aramath          Norman Arosemena

April Black                  Tamara Rose Miller      LiAnne Brown

Nicole Brown               Melody Bussey            John Cleminti

Jamie Cook                 Patricia Gatewood        Hadiya Green

Maria Hamelers           Anna Hunter               Raye Jones

Alexander Kirton          Mark Krajewski           Hadiya Mason

Reba Matthews            Megan McKee             Shannon Morrison

Maryori Munoz            Kathy Murphy             Courtney Nail

Debbie Norshese         Andi Orkin                  Tom Partridge

Maddeysen Puckett      Bill Shafer                  John Stockstill

Nancy Suderland         Rebecca Walker-Green Lisa Weaver

Mary Rose Wild                  

If you are new member and could not make the New Member Onboarding the first quarter, no worries jump in 2nd quarter, by registering now:

Third, February 6th we held our first 2021 Volunteer Summit. Thanks if you invested part of your Saturday in investigating, beginning, or continuing to serve others as a Volunteer. BTW, in the list below you see the names of new members who have jumped right in to serve. A special thanks to each of you.

Ekta Goel                   Saaed Arrington          Theresa Proctor

Pallavi Ridout              Kristy Card                 Asama Khan

Cathy Howard             Chiwili Mumba-Black    Terri Barlow

Jana Nixon                 Rachel Wolf                Cheryl White

Sarah Cini                  Paul Dixon                  Maria Hamerlers

Divjot Punia                Jakeim Jackson-Bell     Rosy Rajasingham

David Carey                Sam Bhalla                 Sarah Carey      

Chenier Mertson          Reba Matthews            Khavana Patel            

Frank Larson               Alex Levine                 Tom Partridge    

Fanchon Henneberger  Cheryl Stanley            Krista Allen        

Rance Greene             Cheryl Zobal               Christine Garraway

Lawrence Price            Lata Makhija               Susan Brookshire

Chelsey Beale             Judy Dominick             Olivia Wilmsen

Laurie Bennett            Crystal Obaseki           Lisa Crosslin

Blanche Allen              Cynthia Toro               Veronica Reed

Halima McWilliams       Jeff Persaile

Fourth, our Programs Team, led by Lawrence Price and Susan Brookshire, has hosted provided us with three engaging programs:

  • January - Emotional Intelligence: Using Flexibility, Optimism, and Reality-Testing to make the most of 2021 (Ed & Chris Hennesey);
  • February – Applying Virtual Reality to Meet OJT Needs (Doug Donovan & James Garrett, TD Industries)
  • March – March Madness Happy Hour

Each was a dandy. Did you know each is still available to you as a member? They are – But you will have to read the next Bart’s Beat to discover where (that’s a teaser, if you’ve not had coffee today).

Fifth, lead by Laurie Barnett (one of ATD Dallas’ most giving individuals), conducted three Career Development SIGs:

  • March – Inform Your Interviews with Informational Interviews
  • February – Make Your Resume Shine
  • January – Writing Appealing Cover Letter

Special thanks to Laurie for her work over at least six years, I suspect longer, for welcoming individuals in transition to feel comfortable and gain access and expertise regarding job transition through the Career Development Special Interest Group.

Sixth, diligent work behind the scenes in Professional Development, led by David Carey and his team on Southwest Learning Summit (SWLS) began in earnest, as did continued evolution of the New Member Onboarding process for Corporate Groups (which is nearing launch near the three quarter pole), continuing collaboration regarding how to more effectively introduce and have Degreed more visible and meaningful as a Member Benefit, AND making all that visible has been the steady, creative work of the MarComm team (which has openings if you’d like to be part of helping get out the ATD Dallas message while honing or learning marketing skills and expertise).

The work of our, YOU, our remarkable members saw 2021 begin a year-long, practical demonstration of resilience in Talent Development.

To close the run to the one-half pole looks to be just as memorable! If you’ve not planned which parts of our race you will be part of consider doing that early at:

Here’s to a great second quarter as our journey, “Becoming the Talent Development Capital of the World,” continues.



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