2020 Virtual Experience


All registered attendees will receive an email invitation to join the 2020 SWLS event on Whova. For information on using Whova to make the most of your experience, see these resources and the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. After registering, how do I sign-up for the Whova platform?

First, download the Whova app to your mobile device. You will receive an invitation code to the event by email. Use that invitation code to sign up for the 2020 SWLS event in your Whova app. Upon joining the event, you will have the option to view it through your mobile device or by web app on your computer. The web app is simply a link that will be emailed to you.

2. How do I access the Whova web app?

Whova should email you the following web link to use: https://whova.com/portal/webapp/south_202008/

3. How does the virtual SWLS work?

Similar to the live event, you can attend keynotes, concurrent sessions, networking events, the exhibit hall, and connect with other attendees through Whova.

Each session can be accessed through the agenda in Whova. When it is time for a session to start, you will be able to view the session's live Zoom link, as well as participate in Q&A and Chat within the session. Below is a sample of the web app view of a session in the agenda. Once the session begins, you would see the live video above the speaker name. To the right, you can participate in Q&A and chat.

You can attend one of our Happy Hour Meet Ups and even set up your own virtual meet up within the Community tab. You can also participate in discussions and send messages to individual attendees. 

The Exhibitor tab in Whova allows you to browse our virtual exhibit hall, where you will find sponsors' profiles to connect and learn what they do.

4. Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, each session will be recorded and shared post-event. That means you can see all 16 concurrent sessions this year!

5. Can I earn credits for recertification?



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