It's still about Access

06 Jan 2020 11:57 PM | Rance Greene

When I look back to the very first blog post of 2019, I'm reminded of why we still come together as an organization of talent development professionals. Yes, it's because we develop ourselves and deepen our expertise. And it's because of the recognition ATD Dallas bestows on each of its members for the work they do in this industry. But one of the biggest reasons why we still come together is because we know we'll meet other like-minded professionals.


People who care about empowering others.

People who offer connections and counsel.

People who "get" us.


So, when volunteers talk about who we A.R.E. (our value proposition of Access, Recognition and Expertise) to other interested professionals and organizations, it's the "A" that connects us most to one another: ACCESS.

We are a vibrant community of talent development professionals who understand one another. We know the struggles and the joys of working in this industry. That's why, in 2020, our promise to you, as the board of ATD Dallas, is to keep you connected to our growing community--to give you as much access as possible. Among us are the leaders, the innovators, the rock star practitioners who keep talent development thriving. It's exciting to enter into a new year in such good company.



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