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Award Categories

Each category may have up to two award winners, and there will be one overall 'Best of Show' winner.

Talent Development & Management

  • Career and Leadership Development & Coaching: A systematic approach to creating a culture of career development through understanding of the existing and future skillsets and capability requirements of an organization and process to meet the same. Additionally, this category encompasses coaching which evaluates a systematic approach to improve others' ability to set goals, take action and maximize strengths.
  • Talent Strategy and Management: A systemic approach to integrating talent development initiatives to various components of talent strategy and management like organization culture, engagement, employee retention, deployment, talent acquisition, etc.

Organizational Development

  • Culture Awareness and Inclusion: Creating a workplace environment that is effective at both - conveying respect for different perspectives, backgrounds, customs, abilities, and behavior norms, and as well as ensuring all employees are respected and involved by leveraging their capabilities, insights, and ideas.
  • Performance Improvement and Change Management: Applying a systematic approach for analyzing human performance gaps and closing them. Relative to change management, the initiative should demonstrate an application of a systematic approach to shift individuals, teams and organizations from a current state to a desired state. 

Learning Solutions & Programs

  • Evaluating Learning Impact through Data & Analytics: A systemic approach to collect, analyze, and use large data to define and/or design learning interventions. Metrics and analytics must be used to evaluate and measure the value of workplace learning and talent development solutions to the organization.
  • Learning and Development Design and Delivery: Designing and delivering formal and informal learning solutions, including technical, regulatory, functional, soft skills etc., using a variety of methods so the training is engaging, innovative and effective.
  • Knowledge Management: Capturing, distributing and archiving intellectual capital to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration.
  • Technology Application: Identifying, selecting, and implementing the right learning and talent technologies that serve the best interests of the organization and its people by supporting organization's disruption agenda by use of technology.


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