Thanks to the Talent Development Heroes...Every Day

01 Apr 2020 1:55 PM | Rance Greene

Talent Development has always had its unsung heroes. So much of what we do is accomplished in the shadows. The weeks of analysis and performance consulting. Months of design and development. Managing stakeholder relationships, resources and technology challenges. Pressing through to emerge with a solution that empowers the organization's most valuable asset: People. 


And now, with the added challenges that COVID-19 has introduced, you've quickly pivoted to offer remote solutions, overcoming more technology challenges to deliver effective interventions, onboarding programs and skill-building courses that make a difference in your customers' lives. In some cases, you're literally saving lives.

Many of you have businesses of your own that may be particularly challenged. I've seen you adapt to our new reality. You've re-thought how you design and deliver your expertise to clients. You've started podcasts, posted videos and published blogs to generously share your knowledge with our community.


Constraints have spawned creativity. Hardship has spurred innovation.

To all of you, ATD Dallas salutes your valiant efforts. I expect the AXIS Awards will be packed with show-stopping submissions this year (Applications open in June!). I can't wait to see what you've been doing and celebrate it with you.


Many in our community are now in transition because of the pandemic. Resources in some industries are drying up and talent development areas have been trimmed down. Our hearts are with each of you.

Lean into the networks you've built within ATD Dallas. Let your colleagues know that you're seeking new opportunities. Reach out to me. I'm happy to share what open positions I know about with job-seekers in talent development. Check out ATD National's job bank. Now's a great time to leverage remote employment opportunities. Take advantage of our transition membership option. And don't miss our Career Development meeting on April 27, "Succeeding at a Virtual Interview."


ATD Dallas's programming continues online. This month, we're testing our Zoom platform's capabilities even further by offering a virtual Happy Hour with breakout rooms built around topics of interest. If you've never experienced this kind of interactivity on a virtual platform (it's fairly new to us as well), stop by and join us.

In May, join us online again for Best Practices for Training Delivery, in person, online, anywhere.

We've also added some webinars hosted by ATD Houston; they've generously offered them to ATD Dallas for free.

Please take advantage of these opportunities. We will eventually be past COVID-19. Take some time to develop yourself.

Access RECOGNITION Expertise


With gratitude for each of you,


Rance Greene

President 2019-2020


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Dallas, TX 75244


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