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02 Nov 2020 6:21 PM | Rance Greene
It's been a wonderful two years leading ATD Dallas, along with an amazingly engaged board and volunteer leaders. Bonnie Endicott, who has served as President-Elect in 2020, has an announcement she's like to make: 

"This year has certainly brought more change than we could ever expect.  One change I was deliberately planning for, along with Rance, was the transition into the President role of the great ATD Dallas chapter.  When you know change is coming, you can anticipate it and make a solid plan.  And then there are those changes that come your way that you are really not expecting.  Like a delightful new job opportunity that comes your way, along with a move to a new city.  These kinds of changes can be welcome and exciting, but it also means stepping away from those other changes you were excited about.  I let Rance know a few weeks ago about a change in my day job and that we would be moving away from the Dallas area.  Rance, being the great friend that he is, first congratulated me.  Then we set about creating a plan to identify a new president for 2021.  And you know, it wasn't a challenging feat.  The current ATD Dallas board is a strong team of leaders, who are involved and care deeply about the chapter and the work we do in talent development.  They have been very supportive of this change of plans and will ensure that your experience moving into 2021 is a great one.  They have some neat thoughts for 2021, which is going to be another year full of unexpected challenge and change.  As I sign out of my role in Dallas and look to a new adventure, I want to send encouragement to each of you -- whether we've had the opportunity to meet or not.  I love the talent development space and think that what you do everyday makes a BIG difference for your organizations.  Keep learning, growing and connecting with each other.  ATD Dallas is a terrific place to do that.  Get involved next year -- we need each other!  Rance, thank you for your support, encouragement and friendship!  A huge thanks to the ATD Dallas board, you are the coolest group of folks I know!" - Bonnie Endicott

A big congratulations to you, Bonnie as you pursue this next chapter. Dallas will miss you greatly and we're glad you'll be checking in with us every once in a while! 

Bonnie's departure opens up an opportunity for one of our existing board members to serve as President in 2021. Bonnie and I (and the board) are pleased to announce that Bart Castle has agreed to assume the role of President beginning Jan 1, 2021. Bart has served as a leader in our organization for many years, focusing on Membership. His team's concentration of meeting members where they are has driven innovative and practical engagement of our members from their very first encounter with ATD Dallas. This is going to be even more important in the coming year as many talent development departments are getting back on their feet in 2021 and looking to invest in their own teams in affordable and impactful ways. Bart's expertise in this area will serve the chapter well and we look forward to a good year ahead. You will receive an email to confirm the nomination of Bart (and the rest of the board) later this week. 

Have a wonderful week and thank each one of you for giving so much to our chapter. I'll see you at one of our upcoming events!


Rance Greene

President 2019-2020


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