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What Is Stopping YOU? 5 Reasons You Should Apply for an ATD Dallas Axis Award

18 Jul 2018 7:41 PM | Ruchika Setia

If you worked to develop the talent in your organization this year, then you should consider applying for an ATD Dallas Axis Award. It’s not only for large organizations with big budgets or cutting-edge technology – it’s the results that count. Ask yourself if the solution was innovative for your company and If the answer is yes, then apply today! If your efforts made a difference then others can learn from your story!

Reason 1 – Others can learn from you.

Our field can be challenging in this everchanging environment we are in. if you made a difference then you should share your story so others can learn from your efforts. Our WHY is to see more effective talent development which ultimately helps employees as well as companies. Pay it forward!

Reason 2 – It’s great for your talent brand.

Candidates top reason for choosing an employer is career growth and the AXIS Awards are a great way for you to get that word out.

Daniel Grey, Corporate Trainer at 2016 and 2017 winner PrimeLending, encourages DFW companies to apply, stating:

“Tell your story – it’s doesn’t have to be a total earth-shattering change of business. What seems really straightforward for you may be very valuable for another company or another trainer.”

One of the greatest benefits of ATD membership is learning from what others are doing. Many training/talent industry awards often go to the largest companies, but in Dallas we love diversity and want to hear from all size organizations and industries because that’s who our members are.

Reason 3 – It’s easy, and free!

The AXIS Award application is only 7 questions. If you’ve ever applied for a training (or other industry) award then you have faced the daunting challenge of answering page after page of detailed questions that sometimes don’t seem relevant to the award itself!  

The ATD Dallas AXIS Awards questions are easy and it’s free to apply. Who doesn’t like simple and free?

Reason 4 – It’s good for Dallas! (And our neighbor cities.)

The AXIS Awards are a way for us to show that Dallas is a great place for talent. Dallas is one of the most competitive talent markets in the country and it’s good for our area to show that companies here invest in their Talent.

Reason 5 – The AXIS Awards Gala is one of the best events of the year!

So even if you don’t win you should attend the December event. I love the AXIS Awards – there is always a fun pair of emcees and a house packed with people who love what you do – developing their talent.


About the AXIS Awards

The AXIS Awards honor local organizations that are risk takers, innovators, game changers and amplifiers; trailblazers who carve paths and move mountains all in the name of talent development. The awards are in the following categories:

  • Talent Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Learning Solutions
  • Managing Learning Programs and Teams

PrimeLending won last year in the Organization Development-Performance Improvement category for their Loan Processor learning program. It is an effective program that not only onboards loan processors to the job but integrates them into the culture as well and establishes an immediate network for their new employees. They didn’t use mind-blowing technology to make this happen but used the tools of our trade in a very focused and innovative way to tackle a tangible business problem.

Apply today!



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