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28 Jun 2019 7:21 PM | Rance Greene

"To the left flank…MOVE! To the right…MOVE!" 150 people turn left, then right, in unison in a measured march. The balls of every foot roll across a five-yard marker at exactly eight steps as they navigate down the football field. The August sun is beating down. Sweat is pouring from each face. Chests are high. Backs are straight. It's hard work. And there's nowhere else these people would rather be…than marching band practice. Maybe marching band wasn't your thing in high school. Maybe it was speech and debate, or basketball, or theatre or ballet. No matter what it was, if you had the opportunity to be part of a group and you were challenged to do hard things--things that made you a little afraid or uncomfortable--there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something amazing with your club. Your tribe. Your band. Most of my endeavors in education required some level of collaboration. Marching Band was one of those things. We didn't mind giving up two weeks of our summer to start practicing early in the North Carolina August humidity. We got to hang out with our friends, get better at playing great music (and marching at the same time). And, almost every season, we won big at competition.


In a lot of ways, that's how we feel about ATD Dallas. We get to hang out with our friends often. We get better at talent development by learning from thought leaders and practitioners at the Southwest Learning Summit and Special Interest Groups. And, at the end of the year, we celebrate the innovative talent development work that's happening right here in Dallas at our AXIS Awards gala.


Access. Recognition. Expertise. This is who we A.R.E.


Let's face it, there's sweat involved. There's discipline. But isn't it worth it? I think so.


We empower people who are changing their organizations for good.


This is no small purpose. If you've joined ATD Dallas, you've joined a band that's making great strides to make our city the talent development capital of the world. 

This month, we're taking a moment to stop and enjoy one another. Our community meeting on July 23, with comedians Melanie Murphy (ATD Dallas member) and Dean Lindsay, is for us: members only. It's completely free. It's entitled Getting' Loose With the Business Casuals. See, you're laughing already! Strengthen your networking skills, practice listening and enjoy some low-pressure improv that's designed to empower you and your team. We'll enjoy a light meal together and plenty of good belly laughs to energize us for the second half of 2019. 


Join super power instructional designer, Cathy Howard for an amazing session on The ADDIE model and Today's Learning Professional on Friday, July 12. For members, it's absolutely free. Guests are invited to join a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting, like this one, for free two times before becoming a member. So, check this one out!


Continue the conversation on your free Degreed account. Our SIG hosts post related materials to continue the conversation online.


Laurie Barnett and Jed Gifford host a monthly career development event every month and…you guessed it…it's free for members! Are you noticing a pattern here? Again, guests are invited to join a Special Interest Group a total of two times before becoming a member. Laurie and Jed have invited Brandy Schade, a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, to empower you in what you do best.


Take full advantage of your membership. $100 gives you access to a lot of people, events and learning. Get out and meet this vibrant community of professionals. Volunteer for ATD Dallas and receive even more benefits: a close-knit group of trusted professionals and discounts on SWLS and the AXIS Awards. Contribute your leadership skills, your project management savvy, your facilitation chops. Mentor a learning professional who is new to the industry. Stretch yourself to take on web design, event planning, marketing. Make friends!


Join the band and let's make some music. 

Every quarter, the Membership Team and I meet with new members at I Love Pho on Forest and 75 in Dallas. In May, Sally, Kristi and Malika, from Membership and I welcomed Chloe, Div, Sandra and Danish to our happy band. So much great talent and great conversation around the table! Thanks to all of you for joining us. If you're fairly new to our community or you are considering joining us, or you've been a member for a while and want to know how you can be more involved, you are welcome to meet us at I Love Pho on August 15 at 11:30. Just RSVP to let us know to expect you!



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President, ATD Dallas

July 1, 2019


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