ATD Dallas Board of Directors Overview

ATD Dallas is governed and managed by a Board of Directors elected by the chapter membership.  This group of volunteer leaders set policies and procedures within the limits as prescribed by the chapter’s bylaws and plan, administer, and implement projects, programs, and events for the chapter.

The Board of Directors, also referred to as Board Members, consist of the Executive Committee (which includes the President and Chairman of the Board, President Elect, two or three Senior Advisors) and other Board Members that oversee the key functional areas and hold the title of Vice President.

It is through this leadership team and their guidance, that the larger volunteer team and committees can execute programs and resources that provide educational and professional development needs for ATD Dallas members.  Together, through their commitments and actions, each board contributes to the vision of making Dallas the Talent Capital of the world!

2024 ATD Dallas Board of Directors

Executive Committee



  Dana Devlin

Contact Dana regarding current chapter administration, operations, board meeting minutes, and by-laws or ways to get involved with ATD Dallas.

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  President Elect
  Matthew Brown

Contact Matthew regarding chapter finances and opportunities to serve on the Board of Directors in 2025.

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  Senior Advisor (Year 1)

  Jay Maxwell

Contact Jay regarding the Chapter's Member Engagement and Partnerships, including our relationship with Degreed.

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  Senior Advisor (Year 2)

  Lynley VanSingel

Contact Lynley regarding our Chapter's relationship with ATD National and our Chapter's Affiliation Requirements.

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Board Members

  VP Marketing & Communications

  Alvy Anderson

Contact Alvy regarding ways to volunteer with marketing, email communications, social media, or website maintenance.
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  VP Membership

  Mark Wolfe

Contact Mark regarding ATD Dallas membership opportunities, benefits of joining the chapter, and ways to volunteer on the membership committee.

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  VP Professional Development

  Karen Clem

Contact Karen regarding our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Workshops, Book Club, Mentoring, Employee Learning Week, and ways to plan and implement these offerings by ATD Dallas.

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  VP P

  Chenier Mershon

Contact Chenier regarding attending, hosting, or presenting an ATD Dallas chapter program, meeting, and networking event.

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  VP Signature Events

  Stephanie Allison

Contact Stephanie regarding our two signature events, the AXIS Awards and Southwest Learning Summit (SWLS).  While she oversees the co-chairs, you can also contact the AXIS co-chairs or SWLS co-chairs with any event specific questions.
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  VP Strategic Partnerships

  Tracy Underhill

Contact Tracy regarding opportunities to partner with ATD Dallas, support the chapter or signature events as a Sponsor, or to volunteer on the Partnership committee.
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14070 Proton Rd. - Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75244


Phone: 972-233-9107 ex. 224

Fax: 972-490-4219

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